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I'm Mauricio Muñoz-Ortiz; "Cover Letter", iT, MARKETiNG, iNSTRUCTOR & RéSUMéS-
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In Canada, from May 2009 to April 2010 in the major cities of the province of Alberta,worked as an IT Contractor (English/French ) for transnational companies as IBM computers, Extreme Engineering, EnCana-/Fluor, as well for Canadian companies as EnMax , Bell Mobility, Dell, Toshiba, and Epson.

In El Salvador, I’ve been working as Coordinator/Advisor for the Small Business department part of the Community Service Unit of the Evangélica University as well as professor of the classes of: Computing, Marketing Research and English Business for the School faculties of Engineering Science, English language & Marketing & Publicity since July 2012.

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SEO Consultant, USeR eXPeRiNCE dESiGNeR & Community Manager , Should you want to position your WebSite , create a new one or manage your SocialNetwork, I can help you.

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